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I hope you are enjoying the first magical whispers of Autumn...or finding a way to cope with the gradual loss of nourishing sunlight. I am back in a northern climate and personally enjoying the changing of the seasons...especially after spending some time in the South and experiencing relentless face-melting heat that gave my skin an ever present sweaty sheen speckled with a graveyard of no-see-ums. 

I have been very inspired by nature since relocating to Upstate NY, and all my art is pretty much reflecting that right now, with no signs of stopping.  
I talked about my patterns in my last newsletter, and am very excited to share some new updates:

1. My woodland pattern is finished!

2. I paid homage to the united goldfish resistance:

3. I began work with an awesome wallpaper client! I get to create a cool design that celebrates the abundance of exotic flora and fauna. This is a very exciting project for me, as it matches my own vision for creating a new kind of pattern that can be used in home decor as more of a very detailed, fine art piece.

Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 1.26.30 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 1.26.42 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 1.27.10 PM.png

And here's a waffle!

Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 1.32.15 PM.png

I also wanted to share a mythical creature update. I am adding to my collection with a modern candy house in progress:

Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 12.50.52 PM.png

and some new fairy pieces in the works...this one will go nicely with Roxy the punk mermaid:

Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 12.45.51 PM.png

Lots more to come! (If you want to see more mythical creature stuff, you can follow along here)

Thanks for reading and enjoy your slightly colder week!

Also, I’d love to hear from you and get your comments or questions…

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For The Love Of Shrooms

Happy Saturday! I have my first little illustration completed for my woodland pattern:


I have developed a bit of a mushroom obsession over the years and felt compelled to write a bit more than usual about this fascinating life form.

I love Amanita mushrooms…and all mushrooms…but especially the “no no” varieties that have historically aided humans through their medicinal and shamanistic uses.

Although there is debate about the Amanita’s psychoactive range in North America, they definitely have held a special place in our collective human experience as the most cliché, recognizable spotty shroom symbolizing opening doors of perception via wavy tie-dyed trippydom and stoned caterpillars.

Ancient Siberian shamans seemed to have loved this mushroom, using it for for a variety of practical applications such as lucid dreaming, sexy visualization, disease diagnosis, the retrieval of lost souls, demon slaying, future seeing, lost object finding, and general other-worldly perceiving.

Apparently, the effects of the Amanita do not deteriorate through the body’s digestive process, remaining potent in pee. This laced Siberian urine was saved and drunk again and again, and appreciated by those who couldn’t afford to buy their own pre peed shrooms. I would love to try one of the old tincture recipes involving alcohol extraction and experience this mushroom myself. I have also heard they can be delicious when prepared properly.

But please don’t go out and eat them without researching thoroughly…improper preparation and a disrespectful approach might prove to be hard on the body with a nasty hangover, and the somewhat similar looking angel of death mushroom will kill you. BUT I would like to leave you with this profound quote by a research scientist who studied the Amanitas effects through his own ingesting experience:        

“It seemed to me that 100 years would not be sufficient to describe the fullness of experience of a single minute.” - Dr R. Gelpecke

Patterns! 💛🧠💛🧠💛🧠💛

I don’t know why patterns excite me so much. I am fascinated by their perfect interlocking pieces, and perhaps for this reason, I love the challenge in designing them. I also love the excuse to draw a variety of my favorite little things and showcase them all together in one art piece that can be extended out into infinity, thus wallpapering the entire planet and beyond if I see fit.


I am working on creating what I feel will be a really stunning collection of patterns to be used for wall art, and a variety of home decor products. Some are quite detailed and elaborate, and finding time to complete them has been a challenge with all the changes in my life this past year, and client work. But as my technical education and art skills have been leveling up, my pattern making skills are evolving as well, thus allowing me to do some really cool stuff I think you might really like…whoever you are reading this…

I am so eager to share these completed pieces, but I’ll have to be satisfied sharing my progress for now. I’ll continue posting updates on this blog and on Instagram as well: @jessicawarrick

Here are some sneak peeks, redesigns, and sketches…

Woodland sketch

Woodland sketch

Unwanted Cans Updated Pattern

Unwanted Cans Updated Pattern

Updated Pink Pie Pattern

Updated Pink Pie Pattern

Pond Pattern with unfinished sections

Pond Pattern with unfinished sections

Shrimp and White Wine sketch (inspired by The Beaver Boys of the Tim and Eric Awesome Show…great job)

Shrimp and White Wine sketch (inspired by The Beaver Boys of the Tim and Eric Awesome Show…great job)

Breakfast sketch

Breakfast sketch

Ode to Meat Eating Plants sketch

Ode to Meat Eating Plants sketch

I look forward to posting updates! Thanks for checking em out! 🙏 And if you’d like to get on my newsletter for other project announcements and discount codes etc, please…get on there:)

I’d love to get your comments or questions!

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Badass Lady Creatives Blog

I was soooo very honored to have been mentioned alongside many other talented artists in the Badass Lady Creatives Blog. Here are a few blurbs below, but you can read the entire article here!


Humorous Illustrations by Jessica Warrick

“Family Portrait”

Jessica Warrick is an illustrator and cartoonist who specializes in illustrations for children’s books. I saw the half-fish Chum Brothers in her “Family Portrait” illustration (above) and knew I had to share her humor.

Jessica’s brand of humor is great because it subverts characters or scenes that are typically pretty, sweet, or cute. Her characters often have heavy-handed personalities, and an air of over-eagerness makes them both funny and sympathetic. Case in point, this mermaid:

From “Mermaids”


Bedtime For Sarah Sullivan in Hollywood!

I am very honored to have worked on this fun book project with talented author, Kelly McMahon. We have been very proud to see our book celebrated through a variety of media coverage.


OK! Magazine: "Look who stopped by OK! HQ--It's Nip/Tuck star Julian McMahon and his gorgeous wife Kelly! Kelly wrote an incredible new book you all need to check out called Bedtime For Sarah Sullivan--you can download it on Google Play now and iTunes by the end of the week! Let that imagination run wild"  

TV interviews about Bedtime For Sarah Sullivan:

Other mentions and awards:

Hello You Entertainment has featured our book!  

Bedtime for Sarah Sullivan’ Wins Coveted Royal Dragonfly Book Awards

“CHANDLER, AZ (November 27, 2012) – The judges of the Royal Dragonfly Book Awards contest, which recognizes excellence in literature, have spoken, and Bedtime for Sarah Sullivan by Kelly Paniagua, won Second Place in the Children's eBook Category 5+, Second Place in the Children's eBook Category 6+, Second Place in Children's Poetry for eBooks, and Honorable Mention in the Children's Picture Book category.”