Mayan Doomsday

Doomsday always comes in some form, but in December 2012, I think we'll all wake up in America to complete another day. That is one item of insight I took away from my trip to Playa Del Carmen after touring the famous Chichen Itza ruins. And apparently, new findings are backing me up:

I was also inspired by the colorful beauty of Mexican architecture, breathtaking foliage variety and crippling poverty I observed from the safety of my semi air conditioned tour bus. I look forward to posting some pictures if I can get my computer fixed...I'm also looking forward to get back to illustrating client work, and personal projects.

Here's a rough sketch recent addition to my Jailbird Treehouse story idea. I decided the little girl lives with her Grandma, who, in this scene, is curious as to why the little girl has suddenly taken a liking to black coffee.