Newest Jailbird Illustration

I just finished another scene for my Jailbird in my Treehouse project. It is evolving slightly, the little girl's clothes have changed  a bit (I think it will be implied in the story that she goes to some sort of Catholic school where uniforms are necessary,) and I have added a sweet, semi clueless Grandma character who is totally in the dark about the convict living there. I liked the idea of the little girl living with just her Grandma in a little old person house, and contrasting this with all of the roughness and vulgarity of a secretly hidden convict (who puts up with the little girl's subtle influences-such as crazy straws in his coffee). In this scene, the Grandma is wondering when the little girl started drinking coffee and eating so much.

*I'm also submitting this to this week's IF topic: "sight." Might be a bit of a stretch, but the kitchen is quite a "sight," and Grandma can't see too well...that's enough rationalizing for submitting, I think.