Jessica Warrick: Illustrator of Crazy Things, Lover of Pets

Being a children's book illustrator, I get to draw a wonderful variety of subject matter. From aliens to jelly bean vines, I've seen it all...but among this fantastic array of possibilities, animals always find their way into the scene.


Lately, it seems dogs, cats and any other kind of creature that can have their own monogramed food bowl have been showing up in my work.

Pets. All kinds of pets! From lazy Persian cats with a snotty sense of entitlement, to talented lizards who can lick their own tails, and upside down's been pretty damn fun. 


But I'm especially enjoying pet portraits, such as Bruno the Bulldog (commissioned for the creator of


I love creating these, and want to share that love with the world!

I'm doing custom portraits at a 15% discount for anyone looking to immortalize their pet in a work of art. 

Sign up below for the details:

P.S. I think Vanessa Morgan of the Traveling Cats Blog is a kickass gal, so check out her site sometime!